Smooth Ride Chamois Cream Packets

Original Smooth Ride Chamois Cream in convenient packets.

Smooth Ride Chamois Cream Packets
10 Packets for $5

I got some of your product at your Ragbrai and wanted to let you know that I love it! I’ve tried many different kinds of lubes and always wondered what I’m putting on/into myself. Knowing that your product is organic and there’s nothing unnatural about it really made me feel good. But the best part was how the stuff worked!

Kevin Tuttle

I did this gravel grinder ride in Palestine, TX in 2015. I forget the organizer’s name but he had samples and I really liked it much better than other creams I’ve used in the past.

zvonimir gluhak

As I continue to search for chamois creams, the Smooth Ride had a lot more to offer than I expected. OA is a very grounded environmental company who creates healthy, natural organic products with recycling our mother Earth in mind. I appreciate the peppermint and menthol ingredients to increase circulation and warm my undersurface before the ride. Smooth Ride is paraben free which is important to keep things natural down there. Smooth Ride is an excellent chamois cream that is incredibly priced, convenient squeeze bottle and effective in preventing saddle sores and is one of my favorite Chamois Creams for this year.

Dr. Joseph A. Sheppard,

I placed an order last week with you guys for 6 tubes of Smooth Ride and a small jar of Leg Salsa.

I wanted to first let you know that the items arrived fairly quickly, and I wanted to say thanks for the sample of the massage balm – I like it quite a lot and I’m sure I’ll end up buying more in the future.

What’s more, I wanted to thank you guys for making quality products that you clearly stand behind and have confidence in.

I’ll continue to purchase your products so long as I ride a bicycle, which, hopefully, will be a long time. The quality is top notch, the performance of the products is fantastic, and the simple yet highly effective approach makes them that much more appealing. Thank you again and I look forward to being a continuous customer.

Jon B.

Even after the nationals a 55-59 year old asked me what I was rubbing in my legs. I told her it was leg salsa and it warms up the muscles. I received Alcis from the two Mermaid Duathlons I’ve done this year. They give away free samples and they give a big tube to the winners. Smooth Ride is so much better than bag balm. My bike seat is no longer shiny and I don’t leave embarrassing stains when I sit on a bench. I am running a marathon in MI next weekend and I will definitely need the leg salsa to warm up my muscles.

Marcia Morrison, 2007 USA National Time Trial Champion for 60 to 64-year-old women.