Pro Glaze Embrocation

A medium-heat warm-up glaze.

A warming embrocation designed with half the heating of Leg Salsa.

Pro Glaze Embrocation
$14.99 per 4-ounce bottle

WOW, Pro Glaze works immediately on severe muscle pain. Recently, I got a sudden attack of terrible muscle pain which came out of the blue and did not let up for a week. Continuous pain wears you down. I tried EVERYTHING including all the pain killers. Luckily, through Brent Winters, my husband got some Pro Glaze, massaged it in for about 10 minutes every couple of hours and it brought immediate relief which lasted longer than ANY other product.

Carol Moore, Cycling Event Manager

The OA Pro-Glaze is a product that works for me. It has been a great relief for the recovery of my back problem and a great pre-race warm-up rub for my legs. This is the legal, safe, 100% natural performance enhancer.

Trent Klasna, Pro Rider