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Just ordered the performance package.

Leg salsa might be my new favorite embro!!!
And the deep tissue balm is way rad¹.

Anyways. You’ve got a new customer.

Thomas T

I got some of your product at your Ragbrai and wanted to let you know that I love it! I’ve tried many different kinds of lubes and always wondered what I’m putting on/into myself. Knowing that your product is organic and there’s nothing unnatural about it really made me feel good. But the best part was how the stuff worked!

Kevin Tuttle

I did this gravel grinder ride in Palestine, TX in 2015. I forget the organizer’s name but he had samples and I really liked it much better than other creams I’ve used in the past.

zvonimir gluhak

As I continue to search for chamois creams, the Smooth Ride had a lot more to offer than I expected. OA is a very grounded environmental company who creates healthy, natural organic products with recycling our mother Earth in mind. I appreciate the peppermint and menthol ingredients to increase circulation and warm my undersurface before the ride. Smooth Ride is paraben free which is important to keep things natural down there. Smooth Ride is an excellent chamois cream that is incredibly priced, convenient squeeze bottle and effective in preventing saddle sores and is one of my favorite Chamois Creams for this year.

Dr. Joseph A. Sheppard, TheHappyAthlete.net

Thanks for the recent shipment. It was just in time, as the cooler, wet weather has arrived with ‘cross season.

I actually used quite a bit of leg salsa for the last road race of my season, the Green Mountain stage race.

We started a long mountain stage with a descent from a ski area in the rain, so I even put some on my lower back. It was great towards the end of the race.

Thanks also for the massage cream. I like it better than the massage bars.


WOW, Pro Glaze works immediately on severe muscle pain. Recently, I got a sudden attack of terrible muscle pain which came out of the blue and did not let up for a week. Continuous pain wears you down. I tried EVERYTHING including all the pain killers. Luckily, through Brent Winters, my husband got some Pro Glaze, massaged it in for about 10 minutes every couple of hours and it brought immediate relief which lasted longer than ANY other product.

Carol Moore, Cycling Event Manager

I tried the Leg Salsa and I love it!

I have lower back problems due to a recovering from a back injury (on the mends) and it really helps with loosening and keeping warm (during those cold rides) my lower back muscles.

I’ve been using Qoleum for the past few years and I didn’t think I find something else comparable, but I have in your Leg Salsa. In 2003, I ventured in trying Sixtufit and wasn’t thrilled with it. Thanks for a great product, of which I’m glad to plug!

Cathy Wong, President, Le Peloton Féminin

I purchased the Leg Salsa several weeks ago and my experience has been unbelievable. I am an ice marathon speed skater (4 time US National Champion, 2 Time North American Champion) and the Leg Salsa is ideal for cold winter conditions especially when skating distances up to 200k in frigid temperatures.

The Leg Salsa’s deep penetrating heat keeps my muscles warm not only during the race but even into the recovery hours!

Thanks again for creating such an awesome product! I can’t wait to try the Pro Glaze during the cycling season.

Rob Kramer, Okolo Sports Ice Speed Skating Marathon Team

The OA Pro-Glaze is a product that works for me. It has been a great relief for the recovery of my back problem and a great pre-race warm-up rub for my legs. This is the legal, safe, 100% natural performance enhancer.

Trent Klasna, Pro Rider

I placed an order last week with you guys for 6 tubes of Smooth Ride and a small jar of Leg Salsa.

I wanted to first let you know that the items arrived fairly quickly, and I wanted to say thanks for the sample of the massage balm – I like it quite a lot and I’m sure I’ll end up buying more in the future.

What’s more, I wanted to thank you guys for making quality products that you clearly stand behind and have confidence in.

I’ll continue to purchase your products so long as I ride a bicycle, which, hopefully, will be a long time. The quality is top notch, the performance of the products is fantastic, and the simple yet highly effective approach makes them that much more appealing. Thank you again and I look forward to being a continuous customer.

Jon B.

Thank you for your Leg Salsa!!!

Michael Hutchinson, Morgan Stanley/Team Spine

I don’t leave home without it! I’ve been using it for years and I wanted to tell you that after using many brands of leg heat, this is the only one that I found that keeps me warm on the chilly and cold rainy days, in fact I feel like I have an advantage when I have on a layer of Leg Salsa.

I look forward to using more of your product this winter!

2008 Masters National 40-44 Crit and Time Trial Champion

Leg Salsa has a way of weeding out the weak.

Dean Meyer, GT Dirt Coalition

Even after the nationals a 55-59 year old asked me what I was rubbing in my legs. I told her it was leg salsa and it warms up the muscles. I received Alcis from the two Mermaid Duathlons I’ve done this year. They give away free samples and they give a big tube to the winners. Smooth Ride is so much better than bag balm. My bike seat is no longer shiny and I don’t leave embarrassing stains when I sit on a bench. I am running a marathon in MI next weekend and I will definitely need the leg salsa to warm up my muscles.

Marcia Morrison, 2007 USA National Time Trial Champion for 60 to 64-year-old women.

I ordered these products a few weeks ago and I have to say I really, really like them.

I’ve only recently discovered embrocation lotions and my first product was some mild temperature stuff from Qoleum. I like your stuff better.

I race for San Jose Bike Club, www.teamsanjose.org. Guys on the team think I’m a little crazy putting this stuff on during the cold and wet days, but they stop laughing after seeing how well it works.

I used the Leg Salsa for the first time today on our club’s final winter series road race (50 miles, cold, wet) and it didn’t disappoint. It was still keeping me toasty well after the 2.5 hours of racing. But buyer beware, don’t rub your face…this stuff will make your eyes tear up if you get it too close!

Todd, San Jose Bike Club

I use Leg Salsa on every ride, even in the summer months. I know you’re saying “why does he use the hot stuff in the summer..??”.

Well, I ride 3 – 4 times a week and each ride is between 20 – 30 miles after work. At 63, I want to keep the legs in good working order and Leg Salsa does that for me. I don’t use as much, but it works..!! The Pros ride a stationary trainer before they race, so I use Leg Salsa which loosens the muscles within the first 5 miles especially the knees.

I even used it in August 2006 when I broke my hip in a cycling accident. Leg Salsa kept the hip nice and loose during the healing process and I was back on the indoor trainer by early December.

I was just reading Belgium Knee Warmers Blog and their article and feedback on embrocations — pretty interesting..!! I’ve used some of the ones mentioned in the past and was not terribly impressed..!!I’m probably am not your biggest customer, but I’m certainly your biggest fan..!! Thanks again for producing a wonderful product..!!

Fred Windberg

I bought some of your products while I lived in Santa Ynez and am sadly out. I most often use it on my back and generates a significant amount of heat.
Do any stores near Asheville, NC carry it?
Thanks so much for your time. You have a great product.


I have been using Leg Salsa for two years, Chris Black hooked me up. I have been doing massage for 26 years. I have tried all the Hot stuff. Still yours is the best for me. I need to get more, thanks!


Kim Bleth LMT

I’m LOVING this stuff. Thanks for the great service and the leg embro and bottle as well! I used a bit of the embro on my knees last weekend and it too was a home run, it’s going to be perfect for CX season here. I just posted up a +1 on your product on the forum I learned about your goods from.


I just wanted to thank you guys for such a great product. I ride for Team Wrong Way and this was my first winter of cycling. I was really frustrated with my toes and feet getting extremely cold no matter how many socks I wore or whatever I put over my feet. One of my teammates gave me a jar of leg salsa and I’m sold. I rubbed some of it on my toes before my ride and after 2 hours in about 40 F weather, no problems. I’m sold.


Matt Leonard

Hi! I just wanted to say that I am a big fan of Leg Salsa. I recently used it while riding the Adirondack 540 this September. This year’s ADK540 was a 540-mile, 30,000-feet-gain romp through rain, wind and temps into the 20’s while on 50 mph descents.
To be sure, I wore leg warmers over the Leg Salsa, but I was really impressed that my legs remained toasty for up to 12 hours after application. This has become an essential part of my kit on colder, longer rides and I am looking forward to using it through my winter training season in inclement Cleveland, OH.

Thanks for the great product! I will remain a loyal customer.


Tim Carroll

I am a big fan of your product and tell all my fellow cyclists and clients about it. Believe it or not it’s been the coldest winter here in Tarpon Springs, Fl, and I really need it as I am completely out as of today.



Many years ago, before your company got big, you gave me a jar of the original ÖĂ. I think you gave it to me at the Tour De Ney. I have used it diligently to it’s last bit and have found its healing properties to be amazing. I’ve used it on my knees, ankles, and now on my injured tailbone. I also have a jar of the ÖĂ Leg Salsa, which is similar in recipe, but A LOT hotter, and when I put it on my tailbone . . . well, you know.

Any chance you have any of the original stuff around? I looked on your website and I don’t see anything like it. I think it is healing my tailbone and really need more.



Well at a race here in Denmark, I heard a guy talking about your “leg salsa”, I talked a bit with him, and he said he had tried all your products, and had only good things to say about it.
He said the Leg Salsa is very easy to wash off after racing. Which sounds good to me, I think it’s a bit difficult with the brand I use now.
Also most of his friends uses “smooth ride”.  I also Googled your company name, and found it mentioned on a Danish website called feltet.dk, which is the biggest cycling site in Scandinavia.



Breathe Strong works really well ahead of super hard cycling efforts like Time Trials to open up my breathing passages. You just need a small amount on cotton buds and place in nostrils during warm up. It is not the most attractive but it is very effective.


Olivia Dillon (Professional Cyclist)

This is why I choose to do my business with you. Great products and awesome service. Thank you very much.


B. Andersen

I’ve been using the leg salsa for years now and I love it. I’d like to talk to you more about the other products and how we can work together in improving your line through rider feedback. Would you be up for a chat sometime soon? Hope to hear from you soon.


Lucas Euser (SpiderTech Professional Racing)