Hot Deal!  Performance Package

Includes Smooth Ride Chamois Cream, Breathe Right, Leg Salsa, Deep Tissue Massage Balm and a free t-shirt.

Leg Salsa

A protective, extra-hot warming layer for cycling in rain and cold-weather.

Deter Sunscreen

Natural Mineral Sunscreen

Deter After Sun Lotion

Natural After Sun Lotion

Smooth Ride Chamois Cream Packets

Original Smooth Ride Chamois Cream in convenient packets.

Breathe Strong

Breathe Strong's essential oils help open breathing pathways and reduce congestion during rides.

Smooth Ride Chamois Cream

This natural-ingredient-based chamois cream helps prevent saddle sores.

Pro Glaze Embrocation

Designed with half the heating of Leg Salsa.

Deep Tissue Massage Balm

An all-natural olive oil balm with a hint of lavender. Many people use it as a lip balm or dry skin treatment.


Order your very own Leg Salsa or OA Performance T-Shirt!

Water Bottle

This Bio-Green water bottle is 100% biodegradable and made with at least 20% recycled plastic.

A bicycle gear

Products made by cyclists for cyclists.

Natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients.

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